Sometimes, profound shifts arise from simple conversations.

You are invited for a chat. Who knows what we may discover, together?

I have an ability I’ve never been fully able to explain.

You see, somehow I can help another person gain immense clarity about any given situation, emotional state, or business decision.

I have no idea at all where this gift comes from. (It is true that I have been an avid student of human nature, but that does not explain what I can do with a willing conversationalist).

All I can say is that many of the people with whom I discuss things seem to come away the better for having spoken with me.

Occasionally, they come away with life changing insights.

What Do I Charge?

I do not charge for these conversations. I have only done so once, and it never sat right with me. 

I feel it compromises the ‘purity’ of the experience if I do.

But before you wonder, “what’s the angle,” I will simply say this: I do gain two distinct things from these conversations.

Firstly: I learn more. I add to what I know and it compounds my ability to assist others.

Secondly: I (potentially) gain a loyal friend.

That’s pretty much it.

(Maybe some day in the future if there is too much demand on my time, I will have to figure out some way of leveraging things, but my preferred mode is a simple one-on-one conversation).

Why Do I Do It?

I make a gift of these potentially life-changing conversations so that there may be more people operating with clarity in their lives. Eventually, I may make a discernable impact on the world, one person at a time.

To me, clarity is the most essential skill a human being can master. Clarity of thought, of intention, of action.

But so many people run around as if they are stuck in molasses, all traces of clarity gone from their lives, operating on autopilot having long forgotten that they were ever in control — even some of the most accomplished people.

After all, we’re all human beings. We were all born without a rulebook on how to govern our minds. Maybe, together, we can piece together something that will assist you to gain clarity.

3 Cautions

Firstly, I have no interest in wasting my time speaking with those looking for entertainment, or simply seeking to ‘debunk’ me. If that is your game, then please look elsewhere. I will end the discussion abruptly if I detect this is the case.

However, if you come to the conversation in a spirit of openness and with a sincere desire to resolve something in your life, I am willing to listen and make suggestions that may help.

Nothing more than that.

Secondly, I will be tough on you from time-to-time if I feel it is warranted. Sometimes, it is unavoidable to call people on their bullshit as starkly as possible.

I only do this, ever, with the intention of getting you to see something from a new perspective. And it is only done with love and respect.

But if you feel your self-image is too fragile for such frank conversation, then I respect that decision, and respectfully ask you not to book an appointment.

(I also ask you not to book an appointment if you are under a psychiatrists medical care for clinical conditions, and/or are using mind-altering pharmaceuticals. You are likely getting all the input you need from your physician, and nothing I can add will assist you at this time. If you are under the influence of illicit substances and are seeking help for that addiction, I’m sorry to say that is way beyond my power).

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